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We value our patients' experience at Staudenmaier Chiropractic Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readere to view.

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"I can't say enough about how this program helped change my life! I was 33 years old with three young children and very overweight and unhealthy. I was 5'10' and weighed 262 pounds. A friend introduced me to the Ideal Protein Weight Loss protocol which literally changed my life!

This program taught me why I was gaining weight, and how to lose it! I went on the program for 3 and a half months and lost a total of 48 pounds! It taught me how to eat healthier and maintain my weight loss.

Three years later I have maintained my weight loss and have shed additional weight. I am now at a much healthier weight of 195 lbs.!!

I feel so much better and it has improved nearly every aspect of my life. I am so excited and humbled to now have the ability to offer this life changing protocol to my patients!!

Take the first step and make a comittment to yourself to get healthier and lose the unhealthy weight.  You Deserve It!!"

~Dr. Jay Bruns~                                                          

“Since I started Ideal Protein, along with adjustments, I no longer have pain in the top of my feet or heaviness in my chest. I can lay flat on my back and I no longer take pain pills nightly. I have so much more energy and can move around better than I have in years and I went off my cholesterol meds. I believe that if I didn’t do something I wouldn’t be here in a couple years! I am REBORN! Thank You!!”



Before starting Ideal Protein

250 Pounds

43% Body Fat

5 months after starting Ideal Protein

181.8 Pounds

23.72% Body Fat

"Once you commit to this and the first few days pass you will enter a world that you may not have known for many years. I felt that I woke up out of what you may know as a funk or a haze. My energy level increased, a positive attitude increased and physically my aches and pains started to diminish along with range of motion increased. I did not need as much sleep at night and when waking up I was ready to go! This plan is easy to implement daily. Follow it and you will have huge successes. You will find ideal protein foods that you will like and some you won't.  The snacks are tasty. Come over to the other side!"


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Patient Testimonials ...

The Cold Laser Therapy has helped a lot. My ankle was in pain for over a year. I'm able to wake up in the morning and walk pain free. Im able to walk up stairs and stand for extended periods of time without the ice pick pain in my ankle/achilles. In a couple of weeks the laser made most of my pain disappear and improved my day to day activities. I never really believed in Chiropractors before. I now know that I was wrong. My adjustments have left me headache free for two months now, and I haven't used Advil since going to Dr. Jay.

Richard S.

Excruciating, debilating, horrible back pain brought me to Dr. Luke Staudenmaier. I now make chiropractic a part of my healthy lifestyle because it has gradually made me feel 100% better, something I thought would be impossible. I choose to remain under chiropractic wellness care because it works and I trust the doctor.  He is so knowledgable, so intent on really hearing his patients. Dr. Staudenmaier is on a sincere mission to promote not just healing but lifetime wellness. What a Blessing!

Barb A.

It's AMAZING what one adjustment can do! I feel human again and I actually went into work tonight for an hour! Thanks to you!


On July 11, 2011 at 12:30 a.m., I called my daughter Amy to bring me to the Emergency Room. I had severe pain on the left side of my hip-I was sure it was broken. With test after test and many injections in my hip and lower back, I still had no relief. My daughter asked, "Mom, why don't you see Dr. Luke?" So, I got an appointment. I did not have a broken hip. They were beautiful after 20 years. I thank God for that! I got all of my previous x-rays and copies of many visits for Dr. Luke.

Seeing Dr. Luke, I saw many changes, (Miracles for me). I started walking without numb feet. After leaving for the office, walking to my car, I started to cry, (so excited). I drove to Pick & Save and watched people walk. I needed to learn how to walk again.

The next miracle was when I saw Dr. Luke on a Thursday, got up on Friday morning, and I was sure excited! I felt like a new person! I had a happy feeling, so full of joy. I saw Dr. Luke on Monday, and I told him the good news. I had tears, and so did he. I was leaving that day for Manitowoc to see my sister and buy a vacuum cleaner. After having to have a cleaning lady for 15+ years, I now can do MY OWN cleaning!

Thanks to Dr. Luke, I am very happy and full of life, each and every day.